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    Finding the Right Manager

    Simply consider the following

    If you have to answer yes to any of the questions below then you need to contact Strata Logic and get the right advice and service.
    • Can you continue to pay good money to your strata managing agent and in return receive very little service?
    • Are your calls and emails going unanswered and important common property repairs left pending?
    • Is this creating disharmony and frustration for owners, agents and tenants with the real risk of liability or damage claims?
    • Do you have genuine concerns about diminished property values?
    The reason many strata managers keep their job is simple. It takes some time and effort to make the change of agent. Recent changes to the strata legislation has helped to address this issue by requiring all agents to seek reappointment before their contract expires and for contracts to nominate a set time period of up to 3 years with no roll over provision. Please call or email David directly should you need any advice on the process of changing agents. There is a requirement to convene a general meeting and to pass suitable motions to terminate the current agent and to appoint Strata Logic. It is a simple process requiring no more than a willingness and owner support for the change to occur.

    With strata managers, if you choose well you can get service without a premium. We offer an inclusive fee to avoid the sting of disbursement costs such a postage, printing and telephone charges. In the age of IT we encourage all owners to accept email delivery of information and to access the information online to avoid the cost to the owners corporation of producing and posting hard copies. All our documentation is scanned, indexed and easily accessible in electronic format.

    The 2 biggest complaint for owners about manager performance are

    1. The strata manager is slow to respond and to take action and
    2. We have experienced a procession of changes to the strata manager and support staff

    The strata manager is slow to respond and to take action and We have experienced a procession of changes to the strata manager and support staff A strata manager’s inability to take action or to give owners sound advice often prevents them from extinguish an issue before it becomes a bigger problem. Experience is our key to giving your owners every confidence that the strata manager can be relied upon to manage issues as they arise. When you appoint Strata Logic you are dealing day to day with the principals. David Terry as the Licensee in Charge and Sheli Terry as a Director and not subjected to inexperienced managers or employees. Don’t waste any time engaging with a large strata company where the strata manager may be gone in six months’ time and you’re just a number.

    Only experience can deliver a positive outcome each and every time. We have thirty years of problem solving and relationship building, not something you are going to find with another strata agency. If your making enquires with other managers ask them one question “who will be our assigned strata manager?” You will probably discover your taking a chance on someone with limited experience and track record. Why gamble when you can get experience without paying over and above for the same services.

    At Strata Logic we give flexibility in the terms of the contract agreement to better meet your expectations. If you have a wish list let us know and we can negotiate terms to make that work for both parties. For example do you require us to attend more meetings than just the AGM? Are you planning major works and need some additional support? Do you have a building manager who deals with repair and maintenance reducing the strata managers work or do you need additional financial planning? Tell us how involved you expect us to be in the day-to-day running of your scheme.

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